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Two winners in the Off-Ramp EatLA contest!

In this week’s Off-Ramp newsletter, we offered four brand new Eat LA guides to food and drink in Los Angeles. (On this week’s show, I interview the editor, and she gave us some books to give away.)

The contestants needed to send us a photo of themselves and food. Two winners came in quickly.

Kelsey McConnell, who says she loves Off-Ramp and had a ramen adventure with her girlfriend in Torrance:

And Imelda Hinojosa …

… an artist who writes:

The picture is me snacking on a homemade tortilla. My son wanted "breakfast" for lunch, so I made sausage/eggs, fruit salad … and flour tortillas. I had just sat down at the computer, to check my e's (and snack on his left over food) when I got your newsletter. How's that for timely? Tortillas are one of the things I learned to make from my mom & Grandmother. I regret never learning to make the other traditional foods. My Mom could make the perfect fluffy chili rellenos stuffed with melty cheese … mmmm. And of course, she made the Holiday Tamales.

I never learned her secret to spicing the masa or meat! As a kid, I didn't like tamales, and only participated in the assembly line MAKING of them: corn husks, masa, meat, folding, steaming, etc. -- which didn't make me like them even more.

But I am proud to say, my brother made some this Christmas and they were delish. My Mom passed in '01. She would be so proud of him.

Nice story! More to come tomorrow from our other winners.

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