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California Governor’s Race in a Tie

On his campaign website, current state Attorney General and would-be Governor Jerry Brown touts his old record:

During Governor Brown’s tenure, California produced 25% of the nation's new jobs, significantly reduced taxes and built up the largest state surplus ever. His eight years in office are generally considered among the most innovative in California history.

But it fails to mention that he was also responsible for this, which I bought for $5 Saturday night at a second-hand store on Sunset Blvd.:

The “Jerry Brown for Governor” necktie is 100% polyester, which means it can only be tied in a four-in-hand, otherwise the knot would be as big as your head. It’s brown, of course; can’t fault him for that. It’s about 3 feet wide, which I believe was determined by taking the total width of the sportcoat lapels and dividing them by a factor of 2.54.

Who made these? How many were made? Who still has them? Who still wears them? And more importantly, has Jerry Brown ever addressed this tie and the harm it may have caused?

California demands answers.

And by the way, you can buy new Jerry Brown ties with his current face on them. They’re forty bucks … and they’re still 100% polyester.

Back in 2006, when Brown was running for Attorney General (he won), Off-Ramp produced three parody spots, which wound up being pretty close to the real thing, the way they insinuate, insinuate, and insinuate.

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