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KPCC Spouse and his "Calvin and Hobbes" documentary, “Dear Mr. Watterson”

The Kickstarter Blog has a nice interview with Joel Schroeder, husband of KPCC’s Lynne Schroeder, who shepherds many of our donors. Joel is working on a documentary project about "Calvin and Hobbes," Bill Watterson's late great comic strip.

Kickstarter: A lot of people identify with this project on a very sentimental level. I know that I do! What do you think makes Calvin & Hobbes so culturally significant to us?

Schroeder: That is exactly the question that we want to explore. How can a comic strip touch so many lives? What sets Calvin & Hobbes apart from every other strip you read? Why did I find it impossible to replace Calvin & Hobbes when Bill Watterson retired the strip so many years ago? Why do people feel so connected to Calvin & Hobbes in such a rare and unique way? Sorry to answer your question with a question…

My favorite Calvin and Hobbes is when Calvin’s cruel father tells Calvin that color was a recent invention, and that painters who used it were insane. I don't know what this says about me.

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