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Rabe desk cleaning uncovers document handwritten by John Adams. No, not that John Adams.

We’re moving to a new building, so I’m cleaning out my office at KPCC’s downtown Los Angeles bureau.

Besides shoveling a year’s worth of paper off the desktop, I threw out six or seven trees worth of paper files – including the one I made for my 2001 interview with John Adams, the minimalist composer with the close relationship with the LA Philharmonic, who is also the world’s most-performed living composer.

Back then, he was in town to conduct “Nixon in China” and a new composition, the piano concerto “Century Rolls.” I had utterly forgotten that he voiced a promo for us for broadcast, but I’d also forgotten that he wrote the promo in his own hand! (I must have dictated it to him; I recognize my spare style.)

It says, in case you don’t read Composer:

“Hi, I’m J A. On the next All Things Considered on KPCC I’ll be talking about Los Angeles Phil featuring Nixon in China and my new piano concerto, “Century Rolls.”

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