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Mmmmm. Parks & Rec’s Sweetums makes for contented cows and docile people.

Who could have predicted, that crazy night at House of Pies …

(Photo: Julian Bermudez)

… that my friend, the actor Chris Murray , would soon be corporate creep Nick Newport in NBC’s new Thursday night series Parks & Rec? Here’s “Newport” extolling the virtues of corn syrup.

Chris, who played Dean Rivers on "Zoey 101," and who is the son of Don Murray and Hope Lange, has appeared on Off-Ramp a few times. He’s told us the story of his unjust handcuffing by a morally compromised security guard in the employ of a public-access-blocking Malibu Beach Baron, updated us on his efforts to get Lange a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and revealed the secrets of being staff announcer for the Pinewood Derby at his kids’ elementary school.

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