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The TV Giveaway marches on! More free tv’s in Cypress Park and Lincoln Heights.

Some photos from Monday morning.

They’re part of my continuing photo essay on the discarded televisions in my neighborhood, the working class area around the confluence of the LA River and the Arroyo Seco.

So far, no calls from Taschen or the Annenberg photo center. Maybe because of the glaring lack on conflict or even the vaugest narrative thread. No arc, as they say. Although this one kinda looks like a giant Darth Vader helmet.

Here, for your viewing convenience, are the previous entries in the photo essay, in reverse order …


Sorry I’ve been away from the blog for a few days. The fundraiser demands singular focus. But on my way in this morning, I spied the latest entry in my ongoing series on discarded television sets … and it’s a two-fer:


I still don’t know what to make of the junked tv’s. (See previous blog entry.)

In my neighborhood, if something still works, people leave it gently by the curb, which discounts the theory that people are replacing their old tube tv’s with LCD or plasma models and tossing the old ones. The question remains: why so many broken tv’s?

This one (below) graces an already problem area - the old Cypress Park library, which has been boarded up for about ten years now:

This one is on the way to the Bilingual Center for the Arts on Avenue 19:

And my neighbor Oscar is pretty pissed about this one, on the verge fronting the lot he uses for a garden. This is just the latest junk others have dumped here:


I took this photo this morning. This is only the latest trashed tv in my neighborhood. For the last couple weeks, I’ve come across easily a couple dozen big tube tv’s in the trash or – usually – on the verge.

Why? Was there a big sale at Costco? Did all the analog/digital converter boxes suddenly stop working at the same time? Did someone tell everyone in Cypress Park that there’s a tv fairy who will leave $20 under your pillow if you dump an old tv?

Please leave your answers below and meanwhile, I guess I’ve found the topic for a new photo essay.

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