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Surrealist Film Festival coming to Downtown LA; Rabe offers entry.

“Dadaists would remove the wings from a dragonfly and call what is left a red pepper. Surrealist would put wings on a red pepper and call the creation a dragonfly.”

Check out the International Surrealist Film Festival, on March 21st at 8pm at the Downtown Independent Theatre -- 251 S. Main Street LA CA 90012.

Here’s the promo:

The organizers say they’ve received 300+ films from 30+ countries. They’ll screen some number of them over 3 hours (with musical accompaniment if needed) and will give away a vintage 16mm Bolex movie camera or a Digital Harinezumi Video Camera to the Grand Prize winner.

Off-Ramp will cover the results of the Surrealist Film Festival on the March 13th Off-Ramp.

The film below, "The Vigil," which I posted some months ago here, will be on the bill. The organizers tell me it's "on the edge" of surrealism.

The Vigil - A New Movie from KPCC's John Rabe from 89.3 KPCC on Vimeo.

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