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The Original Governator – Jesse Ventura comes to KPCC

I’d like to say I recognized the twinkle in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s eye when I interviewed him at Jesse Ventura’s gubernatorial inauguration back in the 1990s, but I’m sure the event planted a seed. (“I could do this. It would be fahn-tah-stick!”)

I’m willing to bet the thought of running for Governor would not have occurred to our Governator if Ventura, his buddy, hadn’t become the Original Governator.

Ventura – maybe not the best Minnesota Governor ever, but far from the worst - came to KPCC’s Mohn Broacast Center in Pasadena today for the Patt Morrison show.

Jesse showed up a couple hours early for Patt Morrison, and was hanging out in our newsroom. He’s let his hair grow out – to put off people, he says, who ask if he’ll be running for public office again – and he was chomping on a long unit cigar. He also borrowed an office to make a few phone calls.

(Photo credit: John Rabe)

We reminisced about the old days in Minnesota, when he was talk show host on KFAN and KSTP, and he told a story I can’t repeat here.

What??!! I told you I can't repeat it. Sorry.

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