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Triathletes now have diagnosis - Trizophrenia -from “Frazz’s” Jef Mallett, inveterate biker, runner, & swimmer.

Just in time for the LA Marathon, comic strip artist Jeff Mallett joins Off-Ramp to talk about his other love, besides his wife, his dog, and art: participating in triathlons. He explains it all -- including the goofy grin and his "TriCave" in his new book, "Trizophrenia: Inside the Minds of a Triathlete."

(Credit: WKAR’s Scott Pohl)

I’ve posted the long version of Sharon McNary’s interview with Jef, which includes their rundown of favorite SoCal races, why a long stream of drool winging from your head is a good thing, and a visit from the family dog.

The item also includes a link through which you can buy Jef's book and have it benefit KPCC! (It's a special arrangement with Amazon.)

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