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Glenn Camhi gets LA in new 3-minute film.

Glenn Camhi, KPCC listener and supporter, is a winner in our hearts, even though he didn’t win Los Angeles Magazine’s Get LA short film contest.

He writes, “the short I made didn't place, but I had such a blast making it with such talented folks that I really wanted people to see it.”

So here it is.

Of course, it’s much prettier over on The YouTube.

Glenn’s movie is short, smart, and fun, with a not-overdone but nicely reworked Blade Runner reference. He manages to be cute without being cutesy, which is a hard balance to strike.

I asked Glenn how he made it, and he wrote back:

“I got the idea about a minute after hearing of the contest (on KPCC of course), thought it was impossible to pull off in time, and set it aside. Then I Googled "Cupid origami" and found a few people who could actually make one, so figured okay, why not?

“I did about 4-5 days of prep (to gather cast, location scout, make the fake subway sign, learn the Canon 7D camera, etc.). Then I shot in 18 locations all over L.A. County in 5 1/2 days! (I cut 2 out.) I edited each night, then trimmed it down to exactly 3 minutes over several days after shooting (and added two tiny CG effects). After my composer pal did a rough pass of the score, we spent a day going over it to finalize, and that night I laid in the music, tweaked sound levels, and submitted the film. I now call Allen Simpson “24 Hour Composer Man,” because that’s how fast he composed the challenging score!

“I got permission from some locations beforehand and some afterward, but all were pretty enthusiastic. (Dodger Stadium was the only place I never heard back from, so I didn’t shoot there.)

“The most gratifying part of this crazy little project was the overwhelming generosity of Angelenos. Total strangers offered help everywhere we shot -- from the from the guy hawking bus tours on Hollywood Blvd who ran over to hold a reflector, to the cop at the Golden Dragon Parade who offered to race us through the crowd, to the Artistic Director of Center Theatre Group, Michael Ritchie, who agreed to do a scene without ever having met me. We already loved L.A., but shooting this made us love it even more.”

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