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Cute baby warning: newest Off-Ramp listener receives special blessing from Carl Kasell.

Elizabeth and Mark Power-Robison, longtime KPCC supporters and FOO’s – Friends of Off-Ramp – came by the open house we threw Sunday to christen the Mohn Broadcast Center and Crawford Family Forum. (If you missed the great LA Times story about the new building, check it out here.)

The Power-Robison’s brought their new baby, Leah, and posed with her in the Off-Ramp Zone.

Then, it was downstairs where longtime Morning Edition newscaster and Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me scorekeeper Carl Kasell anointed Leah into the public radio family.

As Elizabeth and Mark looked on, Carl took out a vial of sacred radio oil, distilled from the dregs of ten mugs of newsroom coffee, and as he smeared seven drops of this onto Leah’s head, intoned the sacred radio words, “This is a test. The broadcasters of your area, in voluntary cooperation with federal, state, and local authorities, have developed this test to inform you in the event of an emergency. This is only a test.”

Leah cooed and said her first word, “Arbitron.” It was a special moment.

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