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It’s not absurd! KPCC’s Kitty Felde wins Drama Critics Circle award by a “nose” for "Gogol Project"

Sustained applause, please, for KPCC Washington Correspondent Kitty Felde for winning the Drama Critics Circle award for best writing (adaptation) for her work on "Gogol Project," with Rogue Artists Ensemble and Bootleg Theater.

Her colleagues weigh in:

KPCC Inland Empire bureau chief Steven Cuevas: The Gogol Project was a wonderful production - and I'm honored to say I visited the struggling playwright at her mountain retreat as she labored on her masterpiece! Congrats Kitty! And thanks for signing our programs!

Airtalk producer Karen Fritsche: I second that! I saw an early version and had a wonderful time. Cudos Kitty!! (Urban cudos - Like kudos but better using a "c" as in cool instead of a "k". to give props! honor; glory; acclaim, appreciate.)

Sean Cawelti, artistic director for Rogue Artists Ensemble and the director for The Gogol Project, in Buzzine interview: It’s really been a delight working with (Kitty Felde).

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