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"Gee, Your 'Hood Smells Terrific," or Echo Park's Brugmansia spp.

Certified Master Gardener Lorna Corpus Sullivan, who took this picture, writes:

“John, a sweet scent filling the air in Echo Park lately seems to be coming from a showstopper of a plant. Called angel's trumpet (or Brugmansia spp. in botanical circles), this small tree/shrub boasts large trumpet-like flowers in shades of yellow, peach, pink, or white that can grow to 20 inches long. We can thank our recent winter rains for the abundance of blooms on this normally thirsty plant, whose scent is especially evident at night. Just be careful if you decide to stop and take a closer sniff -- all parts of the plant are toxic.”

Noted, and thanks! Lorna also sent a link to one of her favorite gardening blogs.

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