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Female Pols “Too Busy to Cheat” – Really?

We’ve posted an item from NPR about why male politicians seem to have affairs at a much higher rate than female politicians.

”Many male politicians have been embroiled in salacious scandals, but rarely are female politicians caught behaving badly. Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison says that they just don't have the time. NPR Senior News Analyst Cokie Roberts concurs … Roberts, whose mother, Lindy Boggs, was the first woman to represent the state of Louisiana in Congress, tells NPR's Michel Martin that you don't see a lot of scandals among these women because ‘they take care of their families and take care of business.’"

Really? senators Hutchinson and Boxer, and representatives Harmon and Pelosi are more busy, say, than President Clinton was? They're all more busy than the male Members of Congress who are -- apparently -- not having affairs?

In the first place, there are a lot more men in Congress than women. So there are going to be more scandals involving men.

Secondly, by Hutchinson’s and Roberts’ logic, you could argue that adulterous men are simply better multi-taskers.

Think it might, instead, have something to do with sexuality, ego, and power?

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