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Donnie Dungan, child star of “Son of Frankenstein” and “Bambi” … and a former drill instructor … coming to town next weekend.

The trail of an Off-Ramp segment is usually prosaic. Like this one:

I was watching a VHS of “Son of Frankenstein” a while back and, as is my habit, imdb’d it. I noticed that the kid who played young Peter Frankenstein was still alive.

And that he was the voice of young Bambi in the Disney classic, as well as the animators' face model.

Further web work revealed he was coming to town for Monsterpalooza, a convention in Burbank starting Friday, April 9.

So, if he’s still alive and coming to town for an event, maybe he’d be up for an Off-Ramp interview.

Turns out Dunagan is not only alive, but on fire, in great shape mentally and physically ...

… the legacy of thirty years in the Marines!

So check out our interview, and read more about him at Ultimate Disney.

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