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“There’s Something About Larry” -- John Rabe interviews Larry Mantle for Airtalk’s 25 Birthday.

Larry Mantle is seemingly unflappable. I say “seemingly” because in our q+a last night at the Crawford Family Forum here at the Mohn Broadcast Center he admitted to feeling flappable on the inside when an earthquake rocked the studio a couple years ago.

Larry went on the air with Airtalk 25 years ago today, making him one of the longest running hosts of his own talk show in US history. He wholeheartedly embraced our format change ten years ago, and has been a generous and loving co-worker in the decade I’ve been here.

Check out this excerpt from our interview, in which Larry considers the idea of radio as a ministry, why public radio is sex-averse, and why he loves LA.

And watch this space for news of a longer version.

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