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Tiger’s alleged mistress, Jaimee Grubbs, nabbed for driving on a suspended license. … So what?!

Jaimee Grubbs was arrested for driving on a suspended license and everybody’s all excited. We even reported it, although not as breathlessly as some other outlets.

Lots of people are cited for driving on a suspended license, for various good and bad reasons, I suppose, although most people I know have managed to avoid it. (God, this sounds like an Andy Rooney commentary.)

“Lots of people” includes Kevin deLeon, the state assemblyman who briefly entertained hopes of being speaker. Here’s the story I filed May 23, 2006.

State Assembly candidate Kevin deLeon yesterday admitted to a series of traffic violations, including ignoring a court date. KPCC’s John Rabe reports.

Democrat Kevin deLeon is running for the hotly contested 45th Assembly seat held by the termed-out Jackie Goldberg. He explained his traffic problems on KPCC’s "AirTalk".

DeLeon: You know what happened is I got a speeding ticket and I got the ticket and I took care of it and it’s paid for and I fixed it.

That’s the short version of a story that seems to start in March of last year, when deLeon got the speeding ticket for driving 42 in a 25 zone. He says the ticket was sent to the wrong address, which led to additional charges of driving on a suspended license, and failure to appear. In the meantime, he was also cited for driving with expired plates and running a red light. He says he recently paid the tickets and resolved the entire issue.

While deLeon says he takes responsibility for the problem, he blames his opponents for giving the media the information, including his daughter’s home address.

Here’s the "Airtalk" on which Larry confronted him with the tickets we’d gotten ahold of.

Obviously, the reason we were about the only outlet to report deLeon’s mild transgression in 2006, while everyone’s treating Grubbs’ arrest like the Normandy invasion, is because she looks better in underpants to a larger segment of the population than deLeon does. (I’m guessing here.) And because she dated Tiger ... but even then, deLeon might be in the smaller group.

DeLeon’s citation hasn’t seemed to have affected his ability to represent his district, and I’m willing to give Grubbs a second chance, too.

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