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Can they be serious? UC San Diego touting its 'happiest' status

Maybe you missed it, but UC San Diego has been named among the “happiest colleges” in the country.

From the news release:

“The University of California, San Diego is ranked among the nation’s happiest colleges for its nightlife, number of student organizations, retention rate and sunny days. …”

…But not, apparently, for racist parties and noose displays.

It’s just astounding to me, with all that’s happened at UCSD recently, that they’d choose to publicize this ranking.

‘“The rankings come as no surprise,” said Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Penny Rue. They probably did come as a surprise to the students who say there's a racial state of emergency at UCSD.

I blogged about this whole mess back in February, and sometimes, Ms. Rue, you need to say, “maybe this isn’t the right thing to publicize right now.”

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