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UCSD’s better response to the Compton Cookout scandal: Engagement

I’ve been fairly critical of the UCSD students who put on the racist “Compton Cookout” party, and of UCSD’s tone-deafness in the aftermath, so it’s good to see – in an LA Times article by Larry Gordon — that the school is forging bonds with the city its students besmirched.

UC officials say they are trying to arrange scholarship funds to bring as many as 20 Compton High students to San Diego to attend the university's three-week summer program for teenagers. In addition, UCSD's Scripps Institution of Oceanography plans to work with Compton High science teachers to develop special classes for subsequent summers and the regular school year, with UC faculty expected to visit Compton and Compton students expected to tour Scripps labs. Both sides hope to create a pipeline of Compton students to UC San Diego.

The coda to Gordon’s story: one of the UCSD profs who’ve visited a school in Compton has plans to throw a … yep … real Compton Cookout at the end of the summer. That’s a party I’d like to be at.

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