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Rabe and husband attend LBMA gala at new Nordstrom in Cerritos, do not buy $800 shoes.

Nordstrom held a big bash last night as a benefit for the Long Beach Museum of Art.

It was held at Nordstrom's new Cerritos store, soon to have its grand opening. There was a great cover band, a lot of food, possibly some alcohol, and a surfeit of glamorous people – some of them in deep red.

There was a lot of this going on:

Plus a lot of this:

Nordstrom brought in live models, like these women:

(Yes, they’re real. You can tell by the ankles.)

And these men:

So of course I had to try it myself.

(Credit: Julian Bermudez)

I stood like that for an hour, and only made five bucks. Some kid named Spanky in knickers came up and kicked me in the shins. I woulda clocked him but his dad – a big guy in suspenders with a straw hat and a cigar – arrived and started raising a ruckus.

So I settled for an in-depth chat with a much more lively model than the sea of abs pictured above:

(Credit: Julian Bermudez)

We met Toni Cunningham, 21, a CSULB student going for her BA in Fashion Merchandizing. She impressed us with her acumen, which she returned to her purse after she showed it to us.

(Credit: Julian Bermudez)

We also checked out the shoes. "Such shoes!" as Dr. John Zoidberg would say. Hundreds of bucks for a few leather straps, some rhinestones, and a label. And none of it edible.

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