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Good Eats at Big Boy nee Johnie's Broiler


(Photo by Julian Bermudez. All others by John Rabe.)

Remember in 2007, when bulldozers plowed into the historic Johnie's Broiler at 7447 Firestone Boulevard in Downey?

Off-Ramp covered the crime extensively, and we helped break the news when Bob's Big Boy stepped in to save the place, after tons of legwork by the LA Conservancy and the Friends of Johnie's Broiler. It's now called Bob's Big Boy Broiler.

 Saturday, I finally made it back to check out the renovation, and it's really well done.  


The old Johnie is serving burgers in the parking lot. I guess he and Big Boy don't get along so well. Maybe Dolly got jealous. (Wikipedia says Johnie copied his look from Big Boy.)

Breakfast this weekend was very good; I don't know yet about dinner. (KPCC's Alex Cohen and Charles Phoenix had a good time when they went in March.) One of the staff said business is a little slow some evenings, when there's car hop service (4-10pm), which I promised to do something about. Go, Off-Rampians! Eat some onion rings in the car and wipe the grease on your upholstery! Take a hit for the team!