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Earth, Wind & Fire bassist Verdine White visits KPCC

Just the other day I was telling my friends Zack and Rob that if you've never been the Hollywood Bowl, the upcoming Earth, Wind & Fire concerts -- September 3 & 4, with fireworks! -- would be the ones to see. The venue is perfect for them, and vice versa.

Then, who should appear at KPCC's Mohn Broadcast Center today but Verdine White, the band's original bassist and Maurice White's brother!? (Did you know an earlier incarnation of EWF was named "The Salty Peppers?")

That's Verdine on the right, in the Hollywood shirt.

Rabe and Verdine White

(Credit: Natalia Padilla)

Tickets are going quick, so act fast if you want to see EWF at the Bowl. Should be a fun couple of nights.

Meantime, Verdine is deeply involved in The Wright Life Center, a non-profit in South LA for at-risk and poor kids dedicated to exposing these kids to the fine arts, especially music. Verdine told me about field trips they've organized -- taking kids to places like Washington DC -- and that they're even teaching kids yoga at the center to help with all the stress they experience in their everyday lives outside the center. The Wright Life Center is at 4700 South Avalon, south of Vernon Avenue.