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Gary Leonard Joins LA Observed

I'm a little late to this, but it's great to see the feature Take My Picture Gary Leonard is now at LA Observed.

Gary Leonard

We've had Gary on Off-Ramp a bunch of times, and he has donated dozens of photos to KPCC, which says something about Gary, since he's a freelancer, and he doesn't feed his family giving photos away.

This is a shot I took of Gary at the topping off ceremony for the LA Live tower downtown. He'd be shooting the tower from a helicopter; I was happy to just take the elevator.

If you don't know Gary, he's been shooting LA for decades, and has assembled a collection I believe will be one of the most historically important in the decades and centuries to come, because of the breadth of his coverage. Much of it is already available to see in the LA Public Library's outstanding online photo archive. A while back, he opened his own gallery downtown, also called Take My Picture.