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"Family Circus" Crosses the Line with Pit Hair Plot

*Usually, Family Circus, the 970-year old newspaper comic panel, is just inane.

Today, it became disgusting:


Pit hair??!! PIT HAIR???!!!

I get a little weirded out when Dead Grandpa leers at the family from Heaven, and it's also a little odd that Daddy doesn't have nipples and is a narcissist (he's reading Smile! With the Family Circus). But those things don't make me spit my coffee on my husband at the breakfast table. This one did.

Look, I don't mind that 9 Chickwood Lane characters have sex (at least they're attractive), or that the artist, Brooke McEldowney, takes a weeklong vacation and leaves us cat self-cleaning drawings labelled "Hallmarks of Felinity." And I'm used to the fact that Rex Morgan, MD's plotlines need a dose of L.Dopa. (They've been on the same cruise since the Ford Adminstration.)

But pit hair?

Were the Keane's trying to beat Stephan Pastis to be the first mainstream American comic strip to mention pit hair? (Never mind that the Keane's couldn't bring themselves to actually show it.) It's a race that just didn't need to be run.

Were they trying to be relevant by acknowledging the recent study that American girls are entering puberty earlier than ever?

In any case, America was not ready.

What's next? Thel in a thong? (That'd register 3 "lines of shock" for Daddy, not just the 2 used above.) Will Billy start calling the dotted line that traces his meanderings his "treasure trail?" Will Dolly ask when she can start using the i-Pad?

If so, I don't want to live in this America.

Local wags have already weighed in. Mr. X----- writes, "They forgot to have Jeffy mispronounce it adorably." And Mr. Y----- says it could have been worse. "At least he wasn't talking with his mom."

This is not one that'll be cut out and put on Grandma's refrigerator.


(*Feel free to read this entry out loud in your Andy Rooney voice.)