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Tragedy for Comics Artist - Times doesn't print "Cathy" retirement response

Faithful readers will know that I read the comics in the newspaper every day. Imagine my horror this morning when I saw that one of my favorites, La Cucaracha, was missing.

Well, not exactly missing. The name of the strip was there, but the strip was decidedly not the work of my friend Lalo Alcaraz. I notified Lalo (he doesn't get the print edition) and he says he's begun an official probe. Meantime, he writes:

Today's Los Angeles Times had an apparent misprint/misplacement of my La Cucaracha strip. Unfortunately, my missing strip was THE ONE FUNNY ONE THIS WEEK. So, here it is:

La Cucaracha Industries apologizes for the inconvenience.

(You can also read La Cucaracha and many other strips in Technicolor at