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Off-Ramp interview with Columbo co-creator, William Link

Who is this man with Peter Falk and why is he dressed like Columbo? He's William Link, who, with the late Richard Levinson, created Columbo ... not to mention Murder, She Wrote, Mannix, and many other television staples.

I spoke at length with Mr Link in the Off-Ramp Pavilion of the Mohn Broadcast Center, and I've posted a lightly edited version of the interview as a special Off-Ramp podcast.  (Also check out this page to find out about Link's upcoming appearance with Christopher Rice at the WeHo Book Fair.)

Link and I seemed to hit it off. He's a wonderful conversationalist. We talked about love, life, writing, the Rules of Columbo (did you realize none of the episodes are murder mysteries?), and Hermes portable typewriters.

Link has also written a book of new Columbo stories, and you can buy a copy and help KPCC.


(Photo credit: Douglas Kirkland)