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Alex Ben Block's pop star daughter, Hayley Taylor, and her new album

If you can, make time tonight to see a rising star and Friend of Off-Ramp at Hotel Cafe in Hollywood.

Here's the story:

Alex Ben Block, besides being an Off-Ramp contributor, senior editor at The Hollywood Reporter, and author of this million-selling book, has also chosen his family well. His wife is actor Jodi Taylor and his daughter is Hayley Taylor.

Here they are together, in a picture Alex sent along for us to use.

Hayley has had some success with singles over the past few years, and has just released her first full-length album, One Foot in Front of the Other.

I played "Felt Like Love" from the album on last week's show, without knowing it had been featured already in a Vick's campaign, and never has mucus relief been better scored.

With luck, the new album will be the start of a brighter year for Hayley. She was best friends with the late Brittany Murphy; her first boyfriend, Gabe Schroeder, died in a climbing accident; and her uncle, the bandleader Dr. Murray Postal, also died ... she says he was too sick to play on the album, but they found a 1970s cassette recording of Postal's trumpet that worked.

There's a CD release party tonight at Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles.