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The Next Chapter in the Electric Dasiy Saga?

[Image from djfrantic via flickr]

Kevin Ferguson here. This might be the first big court case (and the second canceled concert) in the wake of this summer's disastrous Electric Daisy Carnival: yesterday, Insomniac Inc, the rave promoter responsible for the EDC, filed suit against the city of Los Angeles. The dispute started after organizers from the Los Angeles Convention Center decided to cancel an upcoming concert by DJ Tiësto citing worries over capacity and potential drug use. Insomniac says that the Convention Center had no good cause for putting the kibosh on the concert, so they're taking the city and the convention center to court.

It's definitely complicated: I've talked with lots of fans of rave music who have argued adamantly that drugs don't need to go hand in hand with dancing, but what more can we do to prevent drug use? On the other hand, if the city does end up canceling more of these concerts, it's hard to say we'll be better off if events like these just end up being moved to more remote locales, where the hospitals might not even be equipped to take care of so many cases.

Insomniac now faces an uphill PR battle both with the city and with public opinion: Can Insomniac be trusted to hold safe events? How do they (and other promoters) go about making their case, especially when they're struggling to keep the city's confidence? What do you think? And more importantly: What would you do if you were Insomniac?