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Booze News: small wineries angry over HR 5034

The Booze News website points to a good story out of the Santa Ynez Valley News on a US House bill opponents say is unfair to smaller wineries.

Ash Mehta, co-owner of Tastes of the Valleys wine bars in Solvang and Pismo Beach, called the House legislation “ridiculous” and “un-American” for winemakers and consumers alike. The bill would limit smaller wineries’ ability to ship to out-of-state consumers, Mehta said. “Consumers in other states may never see very small production runs, as they’d only be available in California,” where they were produced.

(Wine Institute/LAPL photo: A picker with her basket walks through a Garrett & Company vineyard in Cucamonga. The Garrett & Company Winery was founded in 1835 in New York and made wine from a native American grape called the Scuppernong. In 1977 Cucamonga was one the areas to become incorporated under the name of City of Rancho Cucamonga. Photo dated January 1948. )