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Online security firm goes viral, tries to stop drunk social media use

Webroot, "a leading provider of Internet security for consumers and businesses worldwide," is (a little belatedly) contributing to the viral marketing zeitgeist with The Social Media Sobriety Test. It's a browser add-on that claims to prevent drunk posts on Facebook, Twitter, and almost any other social media site. Any user that installs the test will be given a few questions: what social networking sites does he or she use? What are the normal drinking hours? Once you've answered the questions, the test is in control from then on. If you visit any of your normal social media sites, you'll be given a sobriety test before you're allowed to log in. Of course, drunk Facebook posts can be regrettable and should be avoided. But the Social Media Sobriety Test is (obviously) not serious and actually pretty annoying: I had to type the alphabet backwards in under a minute. For me, almost impossible. Even when I'm sober.

And if I really was drunk and looking to do some e-damage, I don't think it'd be hard for me to just go back to the Social Media Sobriety Test website, and click "disable."

Of course, it's all in good fun. Any new customers Webroot attracts will mean the campaign worked, and any drunk Facebook post prevented will inevitably improve life on the Internet for all. Enjoy your weekend!