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Gylne Tider Celebrity "Let it Be" Video -- Like a slow motion train wreck, but nobody's hurt?

UPDATE: I'm sorry (?) to announce the "Let It Be" celebrity singalong video has been removed from YouTube. -- John Rabe

This video didn't make me cringe, exactly. But I am unsettled, and deeply so. Something's wrong here, and I don't know exactly what.

Maybe it's like looking at the iTunes Beatles photo. You instictively know something's wrong (John has been Photoshopped so he's behind and in front of Paul), but you don't realize exactly what it is.

Except in this music video, with celebrities lip-synching Let it Be for a Norwegian TV show, the effect is multiplied 100x. Everyone's CG'd into some Philip K. Dick world of pseudo-reality. I'd be interested to know if kids (who have grown up with this) have the same reaction. I bet not.

And then, the whole time I'm watching, I'm wondering, "How much did this cost?" and "Where did the Peter Falk video come from?"and "How the hell did they explain this to everyone?" and "Why isn't Kathleen Turner lip-synching?"

I don't think this should be illegal; nobody put a gun to Dolph Lungren's or Roger Moore's head and made them do this. I just think it's weird. I bet Andy Rooney thinks it's even weirder.

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