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All-Star "Night Before Christmas"

For the last couple weeks, I've been gathering voices for the Off-Ramp NBC Project, as in The Night Before Christmas, the iconic poem probably by Clement Moore. (Yes, I know it's properly A Visit From St Nicholas, but that doesn't yield a clever anagram.)

Any celebrity who came by the Mohn Broadcast Center, we nabbed to read a stanza. Morning Edition host Steve Julian cajoled Ted ("Isaac" on the Love Boat) Lange, Jane Kaczmarek, Kathleen Turner, and John ("Q" on Star Trek) de Lancie into reading.


(John de Lancie nailed "more rapid than eagles")

Huell Howser and Sylvia Poggioli readily agreed to lend their voices to this audio holiday card to listeners. The KPCC hosts are there, too. Patt Morrison specifically asked to read the reindeer names, so she could use the Donder version. Which is fine with me. Donner isn't a good name for a reindeer ... or a party.

Enjoy! And happy holidays.