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LA Observed's Parking Garage Solution

In an LA Observed blog entry, pegged to an LA Business Journal article, about the city of LA's plans to phase out parking garages to save money ..

The city's plan to lease out parking garages in Hollywood and Westwood may sound like a benign enough way to close a small part of the budget gap. Urbanists and transit advocates like higher parking rates on principle. But in the real world where Angelenos live and drive, the city's sell-off of the garages would mean today's $4 parking at the Arclight ($2 with movie validation) would rise to over $10.

... Kevin Roderick saves the world with a small suggestion:

You know what would also be nice? A time limit on the wait to get out of a parking garage. If a queue is longer than five minutes, the gates should be opened to empty the place out. A little profit incentive to improve service.

You've been in this situation. Some idiot in the front of the line lost their card, and thinks they're above the rules; or some other idiot tries to pay with beads; or a befuddled person doesn't really understand how to work their car, parking garages, gates, cards, and/or money.

So why should we, the sane and reasonable public, have to suffer for this, losing precious moments of our life, and adding dollars to the garage fee. (Unlike Kevin, I've never encountered a slow attendant.)

I'm all for it Kevin's time limit plan. Please weigh in below in the comments section. Meantime, here are some old BMW's and a Mercedes coupe.

(Credit: John Rabe)