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It's a Cold Pizza Breakfast, or Lidsville and HR Pufnstuf are on KCET weekend mornings

Drat! I thought I was the first person, besides Al Jerome ...

Al Jerome

... to notice that Lidsville and H.R. Pufnstuf, the psychedelic Sid and Marty Krofft productions that used to scare me as a child, are now on weekend mornings on KCET. (H.R. Pufnstuf is on at 930, and Lidsville is on at 10.)

But I wasn't the first to notice. Louise on the Left noticed, blogged, and illustrated.

Louise doesn't like it. But I think it's smart. KCET is obviously hoping college students and hipsters are going to start watching in their pajamas. It has the potential to become cultish, and might generate a little positive buzz. But whether the kids will stick around for SoCal Connected is another question entirely. Steve Lopez, can you wear a huge hat and love beads, and laugh like Charles Nelson Reilly?

Louise asks, "But, still, Masterpiece Theater got dumped for this stuff? Really?"

Louise, I know you were asking that in the larger context, but I don't honestly know what it's replacing on KCET's Saturday and Sunday mornings. I've seen some dreadful stuff on public tv at that time of day, and I like sewing lessons. I'll give it a shot. And if I don't like it, we've got the whole run of the original Transformers on VHS. In the original boxes.