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Prayer flags stolen from Mt. Washington front yard

Sad story on today's North East LA List. If you have any information, please leave a comment or feel free to write us. User BJ Gallagher writes:

The day before Thanksgiving, my old orange cat [Ed note: pictured above] died of jaw cancer. For months, I had posted signs on my fence, letting neighbors know that he was ill and dying. Many people contributed money to his medical care, as he was a very special cat. He spent much of his 15-year lifespan hanging out in the intersection of San Rafael, Sea View Avenue, and Danforth Drive. He greeted walkers and joggers, and often made friends with dogs, too. One neighbor called him "the cat who kisses dogs." He was a beloved member of our community and many people befriended him over the years. They would inquire about him if they didn't see him for awhile. And I often heard people at my gate calling his name, Pookie. People talked to him, petted him, picked him up to give him a cuddle, and enjoyed his friendship.

When he died, I put up a new poster letter people know that he had passed on. I also hung some small prayer flags over the poster to honor him. And I hung a second set of prayer flags on the fence near the gate from my driveway to my front yard.

Last week, someone cut the prayer flags that hung on the street-side fence and stole the center flag that had a poem on it. Today, I went out for a couple hours in the afternoon and came home to find that someone had come onto my driveway and cut the second set of prayer flags and stolen a flag there, too.

It makes me very sad that someone has stolen these tributes to a beloved dead pet. Pookie was a much-loved community greeter and it hurts to see his memorial desecrated in such a way.

I'm going to post a new poster on the fence: "Stealing from dead pets is bad karma."