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Tour Hughes Aircraft Campus with LA Conservancy

Here's a great opportunity: On March 20, tour the former HQ of Hughes Aircraft, where they built planes, helicopters, and the “Spruce Goose,” the largest plane ever to fly. 



The one-time only tour is organized and conducted by the Los Angeles Conservancy:

In 1940, Hughes began to purchase farmland between Culver City and Playa del Rey to build an aviation campus. The first building opened in 1941, and the campus grew exponentially from there: it eventually spanned over a thousand acres, employed over 30,000 workers, and housed the longest private runway in the world. The site is now known as the Hercules Campus, and it has rarely been open to the public. During World War II, its airfield seldom even appeared on maps. While the Spruce Goose itself is now housed in Oregon, eleven of the original campus buildings remain on the now twenty-eight-acre site. The docent-led tour will include several sites on the campus, including the 750-foot long hangar where the Hercules was assembled.


(Image: Mass production of OH-6 Cayuse helicopter at Hughes Aircraft in Culver City, circa 1967. Courtesy Herald-Examiner Collection/Los Angeles Public Library.)