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Mark Peel Details Groupon/The Point Story

You might remember that back in June Off-Ramp reported on restaurateur Mark Peel's unlikely new venture, a lunch counter called The Point in Culver City.

We even shot a movie of Peel atop the nearby art tower:

Peel says sales at The Point have not been good, and that an issue with Groupons may be the last straw for the restaurant.

As detailed on Eater, Peel says Groupons issued thousands of coupons for The Point that allowed patrons $25 of food for $10, of which, Peel says, he saw $7. Not good for profitability.

Peel says Groupons issued the coupons without a firm agreement with him to do so -- (specifically, Peel says one of his employees was having email with Groupons, but did not specifically approve an agreement) -- but that by the time he found out about it, they'd already started being sold, and he decided to stay with it, hoping it might work out for the good of the restaurant.

Peel was careful to emphasize that the Groupons episode did not kill The Point, but it may be "the last nail." Meantime, he says the restaurant has begun accepting Groupons again, after stopping for a couple days, and that the restaurant is still open, but with a smaller menu. 

Peel says "Old Navy" can be helped by Groupons, but it's hurt a lot of people, "especially small businesses," and in retrospect, "it was a mistake" to not try to cancel the deal at the beginning.