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Who is George De La Vega and why is he annoying so many people? (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Looks like George reads our blog! Mere hours after this went up, George's racist tweet (pictured towards the bottom of this post) disappeared. And the Twitter account where the insult originated is now reduced to just one entry. But the Internet never forgets: you can check Google's cache of the account, or look at a screenshot of the Twitter before George purged it.

If your cell phone has a 714 or 562 area code, you might have been lucky enough to get one of these unsolicited gems:

Where do I begin with this? Take Google, where--as soon as you start typing "George De La Vega"--the search engine immediately suggests you add "text spam" to his name and you find out that hundreds of other people have gotten the exact same message. And if you look at the Yelp page for his Club Ember in Anaheim, you'll notice that the vast majority of users are either annoyed and bothered by George's text spam or regretting they ever went there. Here's an excerpt from a review in the latter category:

Way too much drama and so rude! They will not make ur night special. Don't go here I promise u will hate the service....especially if its a special night for u.......minus 100 stars. This was supposed to be the awesomest night ever....they ruined it for all 20 guests..does not desrve 1 star!

You can also see De La Vega's website, which I'd be remiss in not pointing out for its hellish design aesthetic, rife with pictures of pouty-faced George.

Twitter? He has two accounts, one inactive. The one he seems to update is what you'd expect: more club promotions. The inactive account--on the other hand--has just three tweets, all from last month. The highlight being a pretty racist insult directed at another annoyed cell phone owner:

Professional! So have you gotten this text message? Did you find it as annoying as I did? If so, feel free to file a complaint with the FTC about it, and leave a comment while you're at it. It looks like he's been doing this for a month or two now, and the fact that he hasn't been fined already is pretty amazing. And yes, George was called several times for comment, but he didn't answer.