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What were they thinking?!?! KABC's "Voluptua" pulled after seven-week run in 1950s.

Whose legs these are, I think I know.

Her house is in the Valley, though.

(Damn! A scene from Jailhouse Rock. Elvis and Gloria Pall's legs. Credit: MGM)

Gloria Pall is 83, and gave a great interview to Off-Ramp correspondent RH Greene about her life as a true love goddess. In the 1950s, she was like Lana Turner, except actually attractive, in as much as Pall looks like a real person*.

(Voted "Miss Cleavage" by Stars and Stripes. Image courtesy Gloria Pall.)

She played the stripper Sugar Torch in Sam Fuller's Crimson Kimono. Fast forward to 2:21 to see her act.

And when she marched into Hunt Stromberg, Jr.'s office and demanded to be put on KABC, he did so, in a show modelled on Vampira. Except instead of horror movies, Pall hosted romance movies as Voluptua.


(Credit: LIFE)

Vampira took a sketch comedy approach, but Voluptua treated the camera like a clandestine lover, and provided a narrative throughline. The organizing principle can only be described as a “quickie.” She always entered wearing a fur coat and breathing heavily, purring to her audience. Direct address made whoever was watching Voluptua’s love object. She also changed clothes in silhouette while addressing the camera from behind a neck-high translucent screen. At the end of the program, Voluptua appeared for her sign-off wearing nothing but an oversized man’s pajama top. She turned to the camera, to bid her lover goodnight, and kissed the camera. So what was KABC thinking by airing a weekly seduction, featuring a silhouette striptease?

Well, Ray, I don't think they were thinking with their brains.

Soon, the decency police started protesting, calling Pall "Corruptua," and Stromberg pulled the show.

Find out what she'd say to them now, on this week's Off-Ramp. Then go take a cold shower.


*For comparison: Lana Turner, looking nearly lifelike.