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A funny thing happened while I was reading the Daily News today...

And by "a funny thing," I mean a chainsaw cut my screen in half. Here, have a look (please pardon my shaky camera hands and the background talking/sneezing):

So it's an ad for trucks. One you'll see at least 3 or 4 times when you visit a Los Angeles News Group website (IE: Daily News, Long Beach Press Telegram, Daily Pilot). While LANG websites have had a long history with "cutting edge" ads (so to speak)--I think this one goes to a new level. If the ads are still running, you can see for yourself, if you like.

Let's just look at that chainsaw again, this time a still:

And, just to bring a little more chainsaw into the fold, here's former MTV comedy svengali Tom Green getting angry when a guest takes a chainsaw to his desk: