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Why is our co-worker so happy?

This is Sharon Mcnary, KPCC's indispensible Public Insight Specialist:

You probably heard Sharon on Off-Ramp before, maybe running the LA Marathon or talking with "Frazz" cartoonist Jef Mallett. Why is she smiling in this picture?

Sharon just found out she's on her way to Hawaii to compete in this year's Ironman World Championship--a once in a lifetime event. And it wasn't easy to get into: among the thousands who entered the lottery for this year's race, only 200 were selected. Says Sharon, modestly: "I'm thrilled! The truth of it is, I'm a really good athelete, but I'm slow. So there's no way I could get into this race other than through the lottery."

(For the record, Sharon ran her 89th marathon last weekend in England, and a week before that did a half iron man in Oceanside. I'd say she's qualified.)