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Van Dyke Parks shares more infinite wisdom, news of upcoming single series

It's no secret that we're fans of Van Dyke Parks -- a local composer and producer responsible for amazing collaborations with the likes of Harry Nilsson, Joanna Newsom, Phil Ochs, the Beach Boys and a criminally underappreciated solo career. He recently talked with Pitchfork for a spell about some of his favorite albums and announced he'll be releasing a brand news series of 7" singles. Writes Van Dyke, in an email to Off-Ramp:

"I'm knocking out six stereo 45 rpm vinyl singles, each beautifully sleeved, by talented visual artists. The sleeves will reflect the lyrics within each. The artists include Art Spiegelman, Frank Holmes, Ed Ruscha, Billy Edd Wheeler, Charles Ray, and my beloved wife Sally Parks. Other artists of note are in discussion on this project."

Mr. Parks said the first set should be out by May and that a potential tour is in the works with Texas's outspoken Kinky Friedman. Exciting news!