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The Comedy Store/KPCC Free Event

You're invited to a taping of The Comedy Store, a new radio show recorded live at The Comedy Store, LA's oldest comedy club and the springboard for Jim Carrey, David Letterman, and many others. 

The show will feature five of the brightest stand-up comedians -- stay tuned for names -- and will take you inside the world of the comedy club. We'll be bringing the comics back onstage after their acts for a freewheeling roundtable discussion. 

Your host for the evening is the affable and British Brandon Christy, who joined Off-Ramp host John Rabe for an interview about the show, the Comedy Store's history, and who even sang his dad's old Music Hall musical intro.

(Photo courtesy The Comedy Store and Brandon Christy.)
The show is Saturday, July 23d, at 8pm, at The Comedy Store on Sunset Boulevard. Tickets are free but space is limited so if you want to go, we need you to make reservations online. NOTE: While the content of the show will be reasonably clean, The Comedy Store doesn't allow anyone under the age of 21. No exceptions, except for babies in utero.

(The Comedy Store in 1979. Credit: Dean Musgrove, LA Public Library/Herald-Examiner collection.) 

The Comedy Store, which opened 39 years ago, has plenty of history and ghosts of its own, but it's in the building that used to be Ciro's, the in/famous nightclub, which left the The Comedy Store with a legacy of hidden passages, police raid alarms, peepholes, and the like, along with an assortment of ghosts. (I have no idea who or what Dean is looking at.)

(Celebrating the upcoming marriage of Nancy Davis (left) to Ronald Reagan, are Mrs. Dean Martin and Dean Martin (right) at Ciro's Nightclub on the Sunset Strip on February 23, 1952. Credit: LA Public Library/Herald-Examiner collection.)

It'll be a fun evening; hope to see you there.