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College student from Cypress joins rebel forces in Libya

You read that right. It's the end of Summer, and while most "adventurous" college students spent it "finding themselves" in Amsterdam lounges or biking down PCH.... U.C.L.A. math major Chris Jeon ended up in Libya, where he joined the anti-Gadhafi resistance, the Emirates-based National reports.

In a bizarre, dangerous and despite-all-that-somewhat-admirable move, the 21 year old Jeon bought a one way ticket to Cairo and managed to hitch a ride to Tripoli, where he now fights alongside the rebel forces, shotgun, basketball jersey and all. And why a one way ticket?

"If I get captured or something, I don’t want to waste another $800," he told the National.

Grimly practical. Here's hoping those $800 get spent, and he gets to come home in one piece.

(Image: Libyan rebel fighters advance in their tank about 60 miles east of the town of Sirte on Tuesday. Sirte is Moammar Gadhafi's hometown and the last bastion of his loyalist forces./Eric Feferberg/AFP/Getty)