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At last: a chance to work with Judy Chicago

Artist Judy Chicago at the Brooklyn Museum with her famous
Artist Judy Chicago at the Brooklyn Museum with her famous "Dinner Party" piece.
Courtesy Judy Chicago/Donald Woodman

Artist Judy Chicago is the creator of The Dinner Party, a legenday installation about how women relate to history. If the name sounds familiar to you, it's because she's no stranger to Off-Ramp. You also might have heard us discuss the Dinner Party this past weekend.

But this coming Saturday, you have the chance to see first-hand what it's like to work with Chicago. That's because Materials and Applications--a Silverlake-based research center--is hosting Chicago for a talk and reconstuction of another one of her signature works, called Disappearing Environments. And you get to help make it! More from M&A:

Led by Judy Chicago and her husband, photographer Donald Woodman, this workshop will introduce participants to the original installation, including its background, methods, and creation. Inspired by the themes, goals, and parameters of the 1968 installation, which was comprised of 91 blocks of dry ice forming 9 ziggurats.

Chicago will guide workshop participants as they work directly with blocks of dry ice to construct a series of models demonstrating a renewed understanding of the potential of the material, themes of the piece, and the goals of the artists in their re-envisioning of the (de)materializing structures. We will work with 60lb. blocks of dry ice during this workshop! Thermal gloves are required that can be worn inside of the work gloves that we will supply. Tools, dry ice, and safety gear will be provided at the workshop.

It's the first of three events with Chicago, and since there are only 40 open spaces, Materials and Applications reccomends you sign up soon. Have fun!