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Peter Stenshoel's album of the week, with James Kim filling-in: The Sound of Music

My $5 Fisher Price record player (left) can still play The Sound of Music soundtrack (right) quite well.
My $5 Fisher Price record player (left) can still play The Sound of Music soundtrack (right) quite well.
James Kim

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Peter Stenshoel is out this week, so Off-Ramp’s James Kim fills in with an Album of the Week:

Around this time last year, I was making the long trek out to Indio to bake in the hot sun at the three-day Coachella Music Festival. I had planned everything down to how many pairs of underwear I needed, and which bands I was going to see. But things never go according to plan.

Angel View Thrift Mart

Before I headed out to the festival grounds from my cozy hotel room in Palm Springs, I stopped by a thrift store to find a farmer hat to endure the heat. Browsing through their selection I noticed a bin of vinyl records for $2. I’d been meaning to expand my collection, which then consisted of the Carpenters’ Greatest Hits and Fleetwood Mac's Rumors. I struck gold: the soundtrack to one of my favorite films, The Sound of Music.

I watched the movie constantly when I was little and memorized all the lyrics. I always wished that I could be a part of the von Trapp family: hanging on trees, skipping around town singing "do-re-mi," and having Julie Andrews sing me to sleep. I know some people call it The Sound of Mucus, but those songs are infectious.

Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II created some of the most memorable Broadway productions: Oklahoma!, South Pacific, and The King and I. Their final collaboration was The Sound of Music. One of my favorite songs on the album is Edelweiss. As the von Trapp family is fleeing Austria from Germany's occupation, they bid farewell to their beloved country with a sentimental and moving lullaby about their homeland. Christopher Plummer and Julie Andrews take the listener back to a time when your parents would sing you to sleep.

No drug or music act at Coachella could even compare to the emotional effect that The Sound of Music achieves. While you Angelinos are suffering heat strokes at Coachella, I'll be relaxing in my bedroom to the sound of sweet, sweet music. (If you want to totally ruin the mood, check out the punk version of Eidelweiss we've posted here, sung by John Rabe and Greg Holmbeck when they were the obscure band Belt.)

Bonus: I videotaped my dog singing along to Do-Re-Mi.