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84-year-old rapper still got that swagger

Cyper-Rapper Kwayzar looking fresh
Cyper-Rapper Kwayzar looking fresh
Stanley Hoffman

I was browsing through Twitter when I stumbled upon this YouTube gem. It's a music video of an 84-year-old rapper who goes by the name of Kwayzar. He's seen strutting around Downey, rapping about how "girls better be weary," when they "sneak a peek at my physique, you're gonna shriek cause I'm a health freak." Let's just say it gets a little NC-17 after those verses (see below).

The rapper, whose IRL name is Stanley Hoffman, has a long history in music. Back in the '50s he wrote and recorded a memorable novelty song called "Satellite Baby." If it sounds familiar to you, it was featured in The Atomic Cafe--an amazing media compliation of America's cold war hysteria.