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Philippe's corned beef hash and poached eggs with a side of Chinese history

Most mornings at Philippe's in downtown Los Angeles, you'll find a group of Chinese men drinking coffee, reading Chinese newspapers, and socializing over the restaurant's little-known but delicious breakfast.

And most mornings, you'll find Ed Low, a scholar.

I ran into him Thursday morning during breakfast with Off-Ramp commentator Marc Haefele.

(Credit: John Rabe)

Ed was no stranger to Marc, but I had never met him, so I was surprised when he came over and showed us a napkin on which he'd sketched the migration of the various human racial groups. It all started in China, he said.

With all the screenplays and business plans that originated in a cocktail napkin, I have to wonder if God, savoring the final olive in his perfect, not-too-dry martini, drew something like this a few millennia ago.

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