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Shouldn't real arrest follow threatened arrest of photographer Steve Devol?

I saw a disturbing note on LA Observed. A local photographer, Steve Devol, was taking photos near Disney Hall. A film crew was working nearby. Not only did the crew harrass Devol, but he says the security guard threatened arrest if Devol took photos. Devol was on public property.

So, Devol did what I hope I would have done. He posted the photos of the crew and their precious car, along with a reasonably polite note:

Film crews and their Rent-a-Cops using public streets and buildings should understand that other members of the public, including amateur photographers, still have a 1st Amendment right to shoot in public places too! If you try to bully people with idle threats of arrest you only annoy those of us who know their rights, who then stick around to gum up your shoot. You want privacy? Shoot in a studio or a lot. The streets belong to everyone. Share this set link if you agree.

But I think it should go further. The crew and the security guard need to be prosecuted for trying to infringe on Devol's Constitutional rights, and for threatening arrest, which is very serious and against the law.

Meantime, I'm pleased to republish the photo of their precious car.