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The Great Los Angeles Walk: 17-miles from Downtown to the ocean

The Great Los Angeles Walk in 2011 at City Hall
The Great Los Angeles Walk in 2011 at City Hall

It’s hard to enjoy Los Angeles's diverse landscape when the majority of your time is spent in a car. In 2011, INRIX – a US traffic services company – found Angelenos spend up to 56 hours in traffic every year. This weekend, Michael Schneider will provide the perfect remedy for locals to abandon their vehicles and experience the city on foot.

Schneider launched the Great Los Angeles Walk in 2006 as a celebration for his 10th anniversary in LA. He organized a walked down the entirety of Wilshire Boulevard, mainly inspired by Kevin Roderick’s book, Wilshire Boulevard: Grand Concourse of Los Angeles. The walk has become a tradition - with a different street each year – and has grown to a couple hundred attendees.

This Saturday, Schneider will tackle a 17-mile walk from Walt Disney Concert Hall, down Melrose Avenue, and ending in Santa Monica. Along the way, East Hollywood ice cream shop Scoops will create a special flavor for participants to snack on. Top Chef winner Michael Voltaggio’s sandwich shop ink.sack will make a customized sandwich for the walk as well. Walkers will also get a chance to see the orginal Tommy’s, Paramount Studios, experience the epicenter of LA’s bike culture at Heliotrope and much more.  

The walk begins Saturday at 9:00 am at the Walt Disney Concert hall, going up Melrose Ave. and down Santa Monica Boulevard to the ocean. The challenge won’t be the 17-mile walk to the beach, but the trek back. So bring friends, take the train and pack an umbrella for this epic Los Angeles excursion. If the rain doesn't get you, the sun will.